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Étoile is a magical balance between signs and colours that stimulate the senses


7 Colours
2 Finishes
10 Sizes
V3 Moderate variation
Frost Resistant

Étoile is a magical balance of design and colours that stimulate the senses by inviting the viewer to feel its sophisticated chromatic intensity. A perfect blend of elegance that derives from the surprising variety of nature and cutting-edge production technology.

Redefining the material while maintaining its original feel is the greatest objective of this brand, always attentive to evolutions in style.



  • Item Size Thickness (MM) Type
  • A 120 x 120cm 6mm Etoile 120 x 120cm
  • B 120 x 240cm 6mm Etoile 120 x 240cm
  • C 120 x 280cm 6mm Etoile 120 x 280cm
  • D 160 x 160cm 6mm Etoile 160 x 160cm
  • E 160 x 320cm 6mm Etoile 160 x 320cm
  • F 40 x 80cm 10mm Etoile 40 x 80cm (10mm)
  • G 60 x 120cm 6mm Etoile 60 x 120cm
  • H 60 x 120cm 10mm Etoile 60 x 120cm (10mm)
  • I 60 x 240cm 6mm Etoile 60 x 240cm
  • J 60 x 60cm 10mm Etoile 60 x 60cm (10mm)