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A middle eastern mystery of elegance and harmony

Secret Stone

4 Colours
2 Finishes
6 Sizes
14 - 20mm
V2 Slight variation
Frost Resistant

Secret Stone is an amazing product, the result of fascinating research into Jerusalem stone and the factory’s capacity to capture its beauty all the while improving its quality.

The most beautiful and rarest varieties of colour and the most beautiful strata are reproduced in high definition. The high technology production process and refined surface finishes make the Secret Stone collection of thickened porcelain stoneware unprecedented in terms of realism, quality and durability.

Algae, nerine and fossil shells, limestone veins, mineral nuances: each piece is like a beautiful piece of geologic history, set in stone by the patient work of time and nature.



  • Item Size Thickness (MM) Type
  • A 30 x 60cm 14mm Secret Stone 30 x 60cm
  • B 60 x 120cm 14mm Secret Stone 60 X 120cm
  • C 60 x 120cm 20mm Secret Stone 60 x 120cm (20mm)
  • D 60 x 60cm 14mm Secret Stone 60 x 60cm
  • E 90 x 90cm 14mm Secret Stone 90 x 90cm
  • F 90 x 90cm 20mm Secret Stone 90 x 90cm (20mm)