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Create a spa effect with these soft tones.

Soft Toned Mosaics

7 Colours
1 Finish
6 Sizes
5mm - 8mm
V4 Random variation

Hints of Creams and Beiges with Browns and Whites mixed in for a softer effect.

Suitable for use on internal walls.

Not all mosaics are suitable for use in wet areas, please click the enquiry button for further details.



  • Item Size Thickness (MM) Type
  • A 280 x 324mm 5mm Mosaic 280 x 324 x 5mm
  • B 298 x 298mm 5mm Mosaic 298 x 298 x 5mm
  • C 298 x 298mm 7mm Mosaic 298 x 298 x 7mm
  • D 300 x 300mm 8mm Mosaic 300 x 300 x 8mm
  • E 301 x 301mm 8mm Mosaic 301 x 301 x 8mm
  • F 327 x 327mm 6mm Mosaic 327 x 327 x 6mm