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Tiles are a popular choice in our homes for good reasons; here we look at some of their advantages.

The flooring is a major consideration when you are re-decorating or re-furbishing any room in your home. Good quality flooring is not cheap so when we buy porcelain floor tiles, wooden flooring or carpet we want it to last a long time so it’s a very important decision that we want to get right.

Here are just some of the reasons why porcelain tiles are a great choice:


Porcelain floor tiles are very hygienic, which is why they are so frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens. They do not attract dirt, they don’t stain nor do they absorb odours and provided you use an anti-bacterial grout you will have a completely hygienic floor surface.

They are waterproof

Porcelain tiles are waterproof (just make sure your grout is too) so they are ideal in areas where liquid might be spilled, such as the kitchen, or where there is frequently lots of moisture in the air, such as a bathroom. Some can even be used outdoors on patio areas and around swimming pools.

Perfect for use with Underfloor Heating

As underfloor heating systems have improved and become easier and less expensive to have installed they are, understandably, becoming a popular choice. No ugly radiators taking up valuable wall space anymore; but it is important to think about the flooring if you opt for underfloor heating. While some engineered hardwood floors are suitable for use on areas with underfloor heating by far the best option is to use porcelain floor tiles which convey heat efficiently into the room.

Suitable for people with allergies

Porcelain tiles do not provide a home for allergens, dust, pet hairs etc. so are a perfect surface for an anti-allergy environment, unlike carpets, which are havens for dust and allergens even if they are regularly vacuumed.


When you pay a lot of money for flooring you expect it to last a long time. Natural stone or porcelain tiles are a much better investment than carpets or wooden flooring (when they are maintained properly) – they can last years longer and porcelain tiles will retain the same quality finish as when you first had them laid.

Good Value

Porcelain tiles can be inexpensive (although you may decide to splash out on designer tiles), and because they last such a long time they are extremely good value. They are often the same price or cheaper than carpet or hardwood flooring.

A Pristine Look and Feel

Whatever type of porcelain tile you choose they are all very easy to keep clean; they are unlikely, in fact, to ever become really dirty and can be kept looking pristine for years and years by just sweeping and mopping regularly; you don’t need any special equipment or special products to keep them looking as good as new.


Unlike carpets or wooden flooring where the whole expanse is the same pattern, floor tiles can be used to create an individual design theme. They can be installed, for instance, with a mosaic border, or a panel in a contrasting colour to emphasis architectural features of a room or outside space. They can, of course, be extended onto the walls for a chic, unified look or small decorative tiles can be used for purely aesthetic reasons; the possibilities to create a unique floor are endless.

Adding Value to Your Home

A high quality finish in your home will increase its value and, just as importantly, its appeal to potential buyers making it easier to sell when the time comes to move on.


Floor tiles are cool in the summer and, provided they are used with underfloor heating, are warm in the winter so they are always at a comfortable temperature to walk on barefoot.