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Whether you’re tiling a single restaurant or an entire stadium…

….. we have over 40 years of experience in working between end clients, contractors and architects to provide the perfect tiling solutions for any project of any size. 

Our contracts service is second to none – invaluable when you need a solid supply chain.

Ptv Tester

PTV Testing

A Pendulum Test Value (PTV) rating is the only slip resistance rating that is recognised in a UK court of law, which is why there is so much emphasis on supplying accurate PTV values for ranges that are specified for commercial tiling applications. A higher or lower rating makes a fundamental

Samples 1

Sampling service

The only way to really find out if a tile is right is to get a sample to site and see it in the environment where it’s going to be used. We keep thousands of samples in our depot so whatever you're looking for we'll likely have the sample for it, and if we don't have it on our shelves already


Dedicated contact

In our opinion there's nothing worse than a faceless organisation that just takes your money and has you jumping through hoops if you need support or advice, and we know there's few things more annoying than having to deal with a different face or voice every time you need to discuss a project.

You'll be amazed at the difference we can make to your specification and supply experience.
Site Pic 2

Full Site Backup

Our experience has taught us that there are always times when a situation crops up on site that needs attention right there – not over the phone. Your dedicated contact is available to come and visit site when only that site visit will do. We don’t drive flashy rep’s cars, we drive pick ups

Shower Seat (2)

Fabrication Service

Let us help you introduce the finishing touches to your projects that will make the difference between a good job, and an outstanding job that will get people talking. As part of our contracts service we can have bespoke pieces of furniture fabricated out of the very tiles being used on your