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Concrete Crack

Use of an anti fracture matting is a massively overlooked aspect of quality long lasting tiling schemes.

So what is it?

Anti fracture matting is a de-coupling layer that is fixed directly to a flooring substrate, which your tiles will then be fixed directly on top of.

Designed to absorb lateral movement and to bridge stress or shrinkage cracking in substrates and avoid them being transferred through to the tiled finish, anti fracture matting can be used in a wide range of applications and on a wide range of substrates.

At just 1mm thick this 3 ply product is the lowest profile system available to offer extra protection on residential or commercial developments, and lower profiles come with lower costs as it’s substantially cheaper than cavity de-coupling mats

The benefits….
  • Prevents lateral movement in substrates from cracking the tiled finish.
  • Use on screed, concrete, or overlaid ply timber floors.
  • Use over underfloor heating systems.
  • Minimal height build up at just 1mm thick
  • Can be tiled immediately after fitting.
  • Double cost saving – it’s cheaper than cavity de-coupling mats, and uses substantially less adhesive.

This simple step could be the difference between your newly tiled floor looking fabulous for decades to come, or showing every crack that will appear in the substrate.