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It’s a question I think we all take more seriously nowadays, but one that can definitely get overlooked in the day to day running of a business. Green credentials and eco friendliness is certainly something we take seriously at Decor Tiles, serious enough to talk to our suppliers and find out how eco friendly our supply chain is. The results were surprisingly positive.
With the size and very nature of our industry we expected the manufacturers we deal with to be aware of, but not necessarily on top of, an eco friendly food chain. As it happens, across the board they set an example that we could all follow. In this short article we’ve highlighted the extraordinary efforts some of our multinational suppliers are dedicating to minimise their impact on the environment.

Amazzonia Amb Dragon Black
Amazonia Dragon Black

Casalgrande Padana is a huge manufacturer of cutting edge tiles with ranges dedicated to domestic markets, high foot traffic commercial areas and swimming pools among others. Casalgrande

now have a completely closed manufacturing cycle where all of the scrap raw materials and water used in the production processed is filtered, treated and reused on site. The furnaces used to manufacture tiles of course run at a very high temperature, so by now using futuristic heat exchangers, turbines and atomizers the exhaust heat from the kilns is redirected to heat every area of the business from offices to warehouses to changing rooms.

Florim, another massive manufacturing plant that specialises in contemporary high end tiles up to 3mtrs long has the same closed manufacturing cycle – recycling all waste water and materials

Arabescato White

in the manufacturing process. They also use photo voltaic (solar) panels to generate power to their plant. They in fact use 37000 square metres of panels, generating enough natural power every year to power nearly 38000 homes. A staggering amount of energy generated on site that helps save the environment and by being dedicated to using only electric vehicles on site for their material handling they can minimise their use of fossil fuels even further.
Also aware of their own supply chain they even ensure their raw material suppliers comply with European Directives on protecting wild birds and United Nations conventions on protection of biodiversity.


Apavisa have actually started declaring the recycled content on all of their sample folders as per the photo, so our green conscious clients or architects working on eco friendly projects can see at a glance just how green their specifications are.

Apavisa Recycle
Apavisa Recycled content

All of our manufacturers use materials for their packaging made mostly of recycled content, and all of their packaging is recyclable by the end user.
We’re really proud to be a part such a forward thinking industry that understands and embraces its responsibilities to the environment