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We all know that fashions come and go, and semi permanent decorative coverings such as tiling are no exception.

More traditionally the shapes were quite limited to squares and rectangles or octagons and dots, or perhaps the fancy Provencale that was a real hit in the 1970’s.

Times have changed, along with the machinery and technology available to produce ever more creative solutions, and now it seems as if there’s no limit to the shapes available.  With so many different shapes of tiles now being manufactured in so many different finishes, it looks like the trend for contemporary shapes may be here to stay for a while so why not go ahead and let your imagination run wild on your next project.

The hexagon is one of natures strongest shapes and always a firm favourite for interior designers. Now available in myriads of finishes to make a truly bold statement where required, and combined with triangles in one of our contemporary ranges these are designed to stand out.

Waterfall Ivory Flow Nest

We’ve seen the lozenge shape become really popular over the past couple of years, and it’s now a staple of many different ranges offering anything from an industrial to English cottage finish.

Crayon Matt Blue Lozenge
Oxydum Steel Lozenge Shower
Natura 02
Blink Leather Verde

Designed to look like a soft plaited material or crafted leather these are actually a glazed, thick concrete tile which are suitable for use on walls internally or outdoors.

The series can be manufactured in a rainbow of colours, even using metallic effects, so can be used to great effect as a feature wall.

We’ve found these ranges particularly of interest in commercial projects such as restaurants, corporate offices or hairdressing salons.

Windsor Fumo Amb 2
Mosaics Gw Aquscmos Aqua Scale Clear 256 x 296 x 8mm
Mosaics Ew Sglmos Leaf Mosaic Silver Mix 275 x 280 x 9mm
In The Sky 10