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Mosaic tiles can transform a room if they are used correctly. They are incredibly easy to install (despite their complex appearance) and come in a wide range of patterns, colours and materials enabling you to create unique and stunning designs within your home. They are also suitable for use as floor tiles or wall tiles which, makes them incredibly versatile.

430187404kingston Matt Blue
430187404kingston Matt Blue

What Are Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic tiles are small tiles stuck onto sheets in groups that are usually rectangular in shape; they can be the equivalent size and shape of a regular tile or long and narrow rectangles suitable for vertical or horizontal borders. Because they come in an entire sheet you simply apply one whole sheet at a time (rather than each individual tiny tile), which makes them as easy to install as any other type of tile. For completely individual designs, more like an artwork or maybe based on complex ancient designs, individual tiles can be purchased, although they would obviously be more tricky to lay.

How Do I Choose The Right Mosaic Tiles For Me?

When you’re selecting your mosaic floor tiles or wall tiles you have a few things to consider. All of which are important because they all affect the eventual effect you will end up with. And unless you have endless amounts of money and time, you’re going to want to get the job right first time. Consider the following:

The Colour

The colour or pattern of your tiles is paramount. If you have a small room to decorate consider using lighter colours so you don’t make it look any smaller. Mirrored tiles are also a great option for small spaces as they reflect the light and give the impression of a larger space. if you’re matching porcelain floor tiles or wall tiles to the units in the bathroom consider contrasting them rather than actually matching the colours. Sometimes too much of one colour can be overwhelming, whereas a contrast of colours creates balance and a much more contemporary effect.

15346706mirror Mosaic 2317
15346706mirror Mosaic 2317

The Material

Glass tiles are generally a much more high-end, opulent product compared to porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles. If you’re on a low budget opt for ceramic tiles and get the best possible quality for your money. Porcelain tiles also come in a wide range of finishes like matte, or reflective, so you’ll definitely have more than enough choice to get the effect you desire. If you can afford to push the boat out, go for coloured glass which will add texture and depth to the overall look of the room. The glass tiles also interact with natural light well which looks really pretty. If you’re going for a raw, natural look, stone is a great choice.

The Style

Mosaic tiles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and these are what will really decide the overall look of your room. Larger mosaic wall tiles tend to look great integrated into larger spaces like kitchens or living areas, whereas smaller mosaic tiles work well in smaller spaces like the bathroom. Individual mosaics do not have to be square or rectangular shapes but now come in a variety of shapes, including pebble shapes which are perfect for bathrooms

Remember there are a world of options when it comes to using mosaic wall tiles or floor tiles in your home, all you have to do is have fun choosing between them all!