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Ditra Heat Application Image
Ditra Heat Application Image

What more could you ask for in a floor covering?

As designs of our tiled surfaces become more and more technologically advanced and style conscious, we’re gradually increasing the areas where we use a tiled surface.

Long gone are the days of functional tiles in just the kitchen and bathroom with carpet everywhere else – we now use tiles as a key part of our design process and install them through our entire living areas, and in a lot of cases we even carry the same look through to our outside areas as well.

Ditra Heat Wall And Floor Application Image

We all know tiles are possibly the most practical and hygienic surface to have installed, but apart from practicality and the designer aesthetics it’s also key to make sure they’re comfortable to live with, and that only comes with choosing the right under tile heating kit to give you an ambient surface under foot that makes walking around with bare feet a pleasure at any time.

  • Evenly distributes the heat opposed to lay flat mat systems.
  • Provides a high quality uncoupling system to accommodate movement in substrates.
  • It waterproofs the substrate, perfect for use everywhere but especially in bathrooms.
  • It can bridge cracks that may appear in a substrate over time.
  • Sound insulation properties for upper floor installations

For more details on this system, or to get a competitive quote on specifying it for your contract please get in touch.