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Marked elegance that withstands the passing of time


6 Colours
2 Finishes
7 Sizes
10mm - 20mm
V2 Slight variation
Frost Resistant

Pietre/3 is the direct result of a study with great attention to detail and a creative path that stays far from fads. The value of the essential lies at the origin of its marked elegance that withstands the passing of time. Stone sublimates an idea of simple elegance, so the elements find their own balance in a relationship between light and material that is natural, measured and discrete.



  • Item Size Thickness (MM) Type
  • A 30 x 60cm 10mm Pietre/3 30 x 60cm
  • B 40 x 80cm 10mm Pietre/3 40 x 80cm
  • C 60 x 120cm 10mm Pietre/3 60 x 120cm
  • D 60 x 60cm (10mm Thick) 10mm Pietre/3 60 x 60 (10mm)
  • E 60 x 60cm 20mm Pietre/3 60 x 60cm (20mm)
  • F 80 x 180cm 10mm Pietre/3 80 x 180cm
  • G 80 x 80cm 10mm Pietre/3 80 x 80cm
Pietre/3 Anti-Slip Available in 40 x 80cm all colours (10mm Thick) & 60 x 60cm 4 colours Pearl, Ash, Almond & Taupe (20mm Thick). Pietre/3 Matt Available in 10mm only.