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Classical, elegant, contemporary, luxurious and sophisticated.


6 Colours
2 Finishes
12 Sizes
V4 Random variation
Frost Resistant

The most beautiful, classical yet contemporary marble veins are used in this porcelain range to make it stand out from the others.

Whether you’re after a highly contemporary finish or more classical this range will guarantee a degree of elegance previously only sought through the use of the finest quarried marbles.



  • Item Size Thickness (MM) Type
  • A 120 x 120cm 6mm Prexious 120 x 120cm (6mm)
  • B 120 x 240cm 6mm Prexious 120 x 240cm (6mm)
  • C 120 x 280cm 6mm Prexious 120 x 280cm (6mm)
  • D 160 x 160cm 6mm Prexious 160 x 160cm (6mm)
  • E 160 x 320cm 6mm Prexious 160 x 320cm (6mm)
  • F 30 x 120cm 10mm Prexious 30 x 120cm (10mm)
  • G 30 x 6cm 10mm Prexious 30 x 60cm (10mm)
  • H 60 x 120cm 10mm Prexious 60 x 120cm (10mm)
  • I 60 x 120cm 6mm Prexious 60 x 120cm (6mm)
  • J 60 x 240cm 6mm Prexious 60 x 240cm (6mm)
  • K 60 x 60cm 10mm Prexious 60 x 60cm (10mm)
  • L 80 x 180cm 10mm Prexious 80 x 180cm (10mm)