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The Top Five Tips For Designing A Stylish Bathroom

Designing a stylish bathroom can be really hard – there are so many choices to be made from the colour of the tiles to the style of the taps. So we have created these top five tips to help you get started. 

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is practical – where you clean yourself, start your day, check you look great, groom, relax – it has a lot of uses. It is a valuable room and it is completely normal to want to spend a lot of time considering any design changes. I have been known to spend hours deciding between towel colours for the bathroom, and I have a friend who took around one month to choose her floor tile tone, even though they were going to be a neutral white or beige. So you’re not alone in whiling away the hours making the smallest decisions about this important room. You should also realise that it isn’t a bad idea to think about every decision. The bathroom isn’t like a ‘soft room’ like the living room or bedroom where changes can easily be rectified or changed regularly. Changing the hard surfaces and features or a bathroom takes a lot of time and money, so it makes sense to think carefully about your bathroom design decisions, we would recommend it.

The problem is, unless you are looking to make a very specific look, it can be hard to create a modern design that is also practical, warm and personal. It can be so easy to commit to tons of gorgeous neutral wall tiles believing you will get a clean and modern look, only to accidentally make your bathroom clinical and cold. The best thing to do is try and aim for stylish over modern, which should help your design ideas have some fluidity and movement, over rigid design ideas that might give you too harsh a result. If you are stuck for ideas for creating the perfect stylish bathroom, here are some tips to help:


One of the easiest, if not the easiest way to make anywhere look super stylish. It is also an extremely easy way for beginners to create a super sleek look without having to do a degree in interior design, and with the fantastic array of marble look tiles available you can easily create a scheme that will look great for years to come. Your choices are very simple – black or white. Your main decisions will relate to the larger surface areas and your fixtures, so your bath, sink, toilet and then your flooring and tiling. Just remember to use the same whites and blacks to the best of your ability. Nothing will ruin the slick look of the room like gleaming white tiles next to an off white wall, or darkest black marble against a faded black set of accessories. It is also a good idea to remember that you can use colours other than black if you want to soften the look. Grey is a great choice and works well with some splashes of block monochrome colours should you choose to elaborate your design.


Monochrome isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine because the world of interior design is never just rules and logic – it’s creative, exciting and varies greatly. So you could follow a path of using naturals in your bathroom design, and natural doesn’t just mean a few twigs and shells on the side of the bath. You could use a stone or even wood look as a key material element. The look of wood can also look stunning and bring a real warmth and spa feel to a bathroom. You could also look at bringing nature in in other ways – setting a succulents garden from a repurposed wooden crate, adding a living wall (if you’re daring), featuring macro art of things from nature, letting in more natural light, playing with natural accessories – the list is endless. Try to veer away from tacky nature design like shell prints on the wall or dolphin themed shower curtains and get clever with how you incorporate it – the payoff will be great.

Bright Forest Brown1
Bright Forest Brown1

Bathroom Furniture – Practical & Simple

Anything you put in a bathroom should have a purpose, regardless of what it is. Even if it is a cactus – you must be putting it in there to pull together your outdoor in theme, or to draw the eye to the window ledge. Putting items in your bathroom ‘just because’ will result in clutter. When it comes to bathroom furniture, the same rule applies. If you do introduce any, as well as knowing why it is there you also need to ensure that the furniture is simple. Any fussy details like printing, flamboyant handles or bold design just won’t work unless you’re going for a very standout room design. Try to aim for clean and simple pieces that offer you a use, and that could be deemed classic.

Stop Filling The Space

With your bathroom, it only takes a couple of accessories to take it from stylish to garish – it really is that easy. So try to plan out all elements of the room and actively incorporate empty space.


Empty space is not impractical if you have other spaces to take care of the practical things. If you have storage and all your practical areas, a big gap doesn’t need to be filled with an ornamental chair or another set of shelves. Embrace any extra space you have and leave it empty so your bathroom has the space to breathe.

Play With Textures

One great way to add style and depth is to play with the textures in the room. You could add a fabulous rag rug on top of sleek porcelain floor tiles, or add shiny, smooth pebbles on a rough raw wooden worktop. Try to play with textures to give depth to the room without overwhelming it.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you. Remember there are no rules with interior design, and your bathroom is very personal to you so you should only ever follow guidelines – don’t stick to them rigidly. It is all about creating a practical, beautiful space that suits your home and enjoying designing it!