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Traditional decorating is possibly the most neutral of all decorating styles. It’s the kind of family based, calm, orderly and predictable style that most of us would have grown up surrounded by. Furniture is generally matching and consistent and will be balanced around the centre of the room in a casual style that will make anyone feel comfortable. Gentle curves are seen in furniture, pillows, and accessories and fabrics in a traditional room are generally neither too shiny nor too textured. Florals, plain colours, tone-on-tone, and small all-over patterns are common.

A Traditional colour scheme is quite often in a mid-range of tones, though dark and light accents can also be used. Pretty multi-coloured florals are often the basis of a traditional scheme that might coordinate the lightest colour on the walls and deeper hues in the upholstery and flooring. Juxtapositions don’t exist in a traditional style so always avoid brightly coloured modern accents and combinations that stand out.

A 10x20 Artisan Blanco Negro


Artisan offers the effect of a handmade wall tile with warmth and character, but at a factory made price point.

Suitable for use on any internal wall surface - most often used in kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms.

A 10x20 Biselado Blanco 1

Bevelled 10 x 20cm

Use this diverse range of colours in the classical 'metro' style of bevelled edge brick shaped tiles for a classic monotone or vibrant melange effect.

Colosseum Header


Our Colosseum collection has been created to provide all of the elegance and natural beauty of some of the world’s most distinguished naturally veined marbles, but without the need for ongoing maintenance and sealing. Vibrant depth and veins have been intensified with an antique effect to give a



A balanced collection, with a familiar look that applies to classic and also more contemporary spaces.

Claystone has outstanding PTV results, perfect for use in domestic kitchens, restaurant areas and commercial areas.

Birler Brown


The personality, warmth and beauty of wood captured in porcelain stoneware.  Available in 3 different widths to create a more random effect.

Feel White 6


Natural colours provide the background for sophisticated and modern environments. This highly polished limestone effect range elevates any area.


Also available in a matching herringbone mosaic.


Clearance bargain, please contact us for more details.

Fp Brown Living

French Parquet

A striking wood effect porcelain in smaller format, ideal for parquet effect finishes.

Suitable for walls and floors and works equally in contemporary as well as traditional settings.


La Roche Mud

A porcelain bodied tile influenced by French style sedimentary stone with elegant contrasts where the romantic charm of the stone bursts through combinations rich in contemporary flavour.

This range brings an instant look of warmth to any decor

Lands White 3


Lands is a porcelain stoneware interpretation of two types of stones known and appreciated across the world. Central European quartzite and provencal stones are noted for their varied beauty and bring very different influences to any project.

Next Dark Honed


A collection of porcelain tiles offering a luxurious and contemporary engineered stone effect. The decorative features are presented in three contemporary textures; Line, Dot and Mark which can be combined with the natural or honed finishes of the base tile to create flowing,

Rare Dark Honed 60x120

Secret Stone

Secret Stone is an amazing product, the result of fascinating research into Jerusalem stone and the factory's capacity to capture its beauty all the while improving its quality. The most beautiful and rarest varieties of colour and the most beautiful strata are reproduced in high definition. The


Selection Oak

Taking its inspiration from the everlasting textures and patterns of beautiful oak planks this range has a soft, velvety texture and comes in 5 remarkable shades selected for their affinity with colours found in nature.

Tapestry 9


Replicating a well worn bohemian carpet, this range has personality unlike any other and brings a warm, lavish touch to your tiling projects.

Ar Up Basaltina White Amb1 So Camera

Ultra Pietre Basaltina

Thanks to the beautiful natural shades and colours in our Basaltina range they are suitable for use in any setting from traditional residential to a modern commercial or retail setting.  The thickness makes it perfect for fabricating furniture and sinks.