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Classic style is one that can be easily summed up as enduring. It’s confident, elegant, functional without being boring and it’s well balanced for the space it’s in.
For a classic style you may want to utilise strong columns, stripes and architectural mouldings – the kind you would find in Victorian era homes and use these details as key points to complement or juxtapose other decorative additions creating an overall elegance.

A classically styled home will appear timeless by using natural resources and fibres – woods, stones, marbles, brick, and natural fibres such as cotton.
To create your own look of timeless elegance, try and stay away from trends and never aim for fussy, ornate or overly opulent. Your look should remain quietly understated and simple yet sophisticated to provide a functional but not boring space.

If you’re looking to create a living room that maintains the look we’re after, try and avoid slouchy furniture, or furniture that has been so highly stylised that it’s making it’s own statement. This means keeping the colours simple – not necessarily subtle, but never loud, and the patterns of the main furniture pieces minimal. Patterns, like colour trends, can come and go out of fashion.

If you’re looking to incorporate bolder colour influences, consider using small pieces that can easily be changed as your tastes change with time.
As we keep referring to the adjective timeless, it’s important to note that decorative pieces of furniture don’t have to be from any particular period, quite the opposite. Antique pieces can be beautifully juxtaposed with a piece of modern art or set against the blank canvas of a wall to perfectly combine flavours. Likewise, a futuristic vase for example can sit beautifully on a table with neo-classical influences.

Always aim to keep the overall look balanced and uncluttered and you’ll still love the decor for years to come.


I Marmi

Precise and perfect elegance, the I MARMI line interprets the inheritance of an unaltered past. It rediscovers the intrinsic beauty of a material without compromise.

The gentle nuances of I Marmi offer space an original and personal atmosphere.



A new style, a timeless combination juxtaposing opulence and elegance with contemporary.

Always classic.  Colours in this range are unique and indulgent.



Étoile is a magical balance of design and colours that stimulate the senses by inviting the viewer to feel its sophisticated chromatic intensity. A perfect blend of elegance that derives from the surprising variety of nature and cutting-edge production technology. Redefining the material while

Feel White 6


Natural colours provide the background for sophisticated and modern environments. This highly polished limestone effect range elevates any area.


Also available in a matching herringbone mosaic.


Clearance bargain, please contact us for more details.

Fp Brown Living

French Parquet

A striking wood effect porcelain in smaller format, ideal for parquet effect finishes.

Suitable for walls and floors and works equally in contemporary as well as traditional settings.


La Roche Mud

A porcelain bodied tile influenced by French style sedimentary stone with elegant contrasts where the romantic charm of the stone bursts through combinations rich in contemporary flavour.

This range brings an instant look of warmth to any decor

Masai Piedra Natural 1

Masai 10mm

Designed to perfectly simulate sedimentary rock, Masai details the fragments of different materials and minerals with the beauty of the tiny pebbles trapped in the rock. Porcelain stoneware technology allows for the effects to be perfectly reproduced over large format slabs in a minimal


Planches Decor

Modern original colours have been carefully selected to match the trends of contemporary interior design. Every detail is tasteful and faithful to the original material



The most beautiful, classical yet contemporary marble veins are used in this porcelain range to make it stand out from the others. Whether you're after a highly contemporary finish or more classical this range will guarantee a degree of elegance previously only sought through the use of the


Stone Calacatta

Stone Calacatta is a superior looking marble porcelain.

Exclusive mixing technology in the glaze makes it possible to achieve a different pattern result every time.

Suitable for walls and floors we would recommend a light coloured grout to achieve a seamless look.

Touche Super Blanco Gris Natural10 100

Touche Super Blanco Gris

Super by name and super by nature these tiles will bring a new level of elegance and finesse to any project with their large format book matched marble effect. Made to stand out by the super white body of the tiles which accentuates the grey marbling for a striking yet subtle contrast.

Ar Up Basaltina White Amb1 So Camera

Ultra Pietre Basaltina

Thanks to the beautiful natural shades and colours in our Basaltina range they are suitable for use in any setting from traditional residential to a modern commercial or retail setting.  The thickness makes it perfect for fabricating furniture and sinks.

Cottodeste Xbeton Ambiente Dot50 Particolare 11


A surface inspired by natural cement textures and colours that are perfectly in sync with the trends of modern architecture.

A contemporary style that sits well with modernism and minimalism yet offers a distinctive, personal touch in design and character.