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Shabby chic has a timeless feel to it.  On traditional painted surfaces there would be many coats of paint layered and worn over the years leaving a naturally ‘distressed’ effect.

Matching colours and fabrics tend to be neutral or pastels such as sky blue or rose pink, occasionally with vintage floral patterns

Interior decorators consider shabby chic a soft and relaxed style that comes across as warm and inviting.  It can also lean towards ‘rustic’ with deeper or richer colours being used.

Birler Brown


The personality, warmth and beauty of wood captured in porcelain stoneware.  Available in 3 different widths to create a more random effect.

Tapestry 9


Replicating a well worn bohemian carpet, this range has personality unlike any other and brings a warm, lavish touch to your tiling projects.

Amb Terredorcia Vulci 40x80 01

Terra Dorcia

A tile inspired by the traditional look of the Terra d'Orcia region of Italy - a land rich in history and culture.

The rustic surface is represented by many different tones offering an irregular movement and more natural effect.



Fp Brown Living

French Parquet

A striking wood effect porcelain in smaller format, ideal for parquet effect finishes.

Suitable for walls and floors and works equally in contemporary as well as traditional settings.