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Ceramic or porcelain tiles are not commonly found in the bedroom unless you live in a hot climate, however they can make an excellent choice of flooring for several reasons, here are just some of them.

There are many areas of the home ceramic or porcelain tiles are found. The bathroom, the hallway, the patio, the kitchen are just some of them. However one area of the house you won’t commonly find tiles is the bedroom. Generally this is because there is less of a need for a waterproof surface, and softer materials like carpet tend to be used. Despite it not being commonly used in the bedroom, tiles can in fact make a wonderful floor covering for this area of the home.


As porcelain tiles are smooth and fabric free, they do not attract debris, dust, dirt or allergens, nor can those particles get stuck inside the tiles. Particles may rest on top of the floor tiles, but they can easily be hoovered, mopped or wiped away, making tiles an extremely good bedroom flooring option for people with allergies or people who suffer from breathing issues.

Easy To Maintain

Using tiles in the bedroom makes for a very easy life in regards to maintenance. As bedrooms can be subject to a lot of foot traffic and use, it is important the flooring material is strong and durable, which ceramic tile is. Apart from the occasional grout, reseal or tile replacement job, all you have to do is wipe or hoover the tiles regularly like you would any other surface.


Although getting tiles installed may cost you more upfront than a carpet, they will last you much longer than a carpet would, which makes them an excellent long-lasting investment. They are solid, strong and can withstand really heavy impact, they are also excellent at resisting any stains or scratches. When they are well cared for, they can last a lifetime.

Ideal For Bedrooms With Ensuites

Porcelain tiles are waterproof, which is ideal if your bedroom has an en suite and spills or splashes are able to find their way into the main bedroom area. They are also ideal if you’re lucky enough to have a roll top bath in your bedroom which is an interior design addition getting more and more popular in modern homes.

Better Than Carpet

Carpeting is the most common flooring choice for bedrooms, however it simply isn’t the best flooring option. It doesn’t deal well with a high amount of foot traffic, no matter how high quality the carpet is. It is also more difficult to clean than a tiled floor and any debris, stains or spillages can become embedded deep within the fibres of the carpet, creating deep stains and affecting the quality of the carpet. Allergens will also get caught up in the fibres of the carpet and move into the air as the fibres are walked on and disturbed. Floor tiling in comparison, is completely different; it requires little maintenance and cleaning, it’s difficult to stain and doesn’t attract or embed any allergens. A tiled floor is also a lot more durable and long lasting than carpet.