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A contemporary tile with a unique glaze texture to bring a sense of modernism to your project


7 Colours
1 Finish
8 Sizes
9 - 10mm
V2 Slight variation
Frost Resistant

Metalwood is a line of glazed porcelain stoneware tiles with high technical performances in conjunction with new textures. The series features a particular metallized finish that recalls the effect of wood to the touch while the linear patterns on the glaze remain very contemporary.

The choice of glaze colours are particularly suited to modern or minimalist design ideals.



  • Item Size Thickness (MM) Type
  • A 10 x 60cm 9mm Metalwood 10 x 60cm
  • B 15 x 120cm 10mm Metalwood 15 x 120cm
  • C 15 x 90cm 10mm Metalwood 15 x 90cm
  • D 20 x 120cm 10mm Metalwood 20 x 120cm
  • E 30 x 60cm 9mm Metalwood 30 x 60cm
  • F 45 x 90cm 10mm Metalwood 45 x 90cm
  • G 60 x 120cm 10mm Metalwood 60 x 120cm
  • H 60 x 60cm 10mm Metalwood 60 x 60cm