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This increasingly popular style is about boldly displaying the raw building materials that many consumers try to hide. Some may snub the industrial look as unfinished but its connoisseurs recognise that it’s about a delicate balance of apparently unfinished surfaces such as wood and metal with utilitarian furniture and decorative pieces that achieves the look, without going so far that the area loses it’s own identity.

The industrial look can work equally as well in a residential as commercial or retail setting.

With advanced manufacturing techniques nowadays we’re able to reproduce an industrial look in tiles that gives the concrete, metal, wood and even exposed brickwork effect but with none of the down sides. It’s a better time than ever to create the industrial look but in such a way that you can wipe it clean when the need arises.

Take a look at some of the ranges we’ve suggested below and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Stewart Ocra Wall

Rose Brick Slip

Encapsulate the contemporary look of a New York loft, or East End converted warehouse with these porcelain tiles that are a true replica of an exposed brick wall, but without the dust and cleaning issues of exposed brickwork!!  Beautifully juxtaposed against the most contemporary or industrial of

Stewart Ocra

Rose Pave

Uncover traces of a post-industrial heritage, inspired by  contemporary brick facades. The allure, feel and urban spirit of bricks leap out in this porcelain stoneware, evident in which is the strongly contemporary nature of the loft or warehouse look.


Chateaux Lifestyle 2


An elegant limestone inspired tile with a natural or anti-slip finish.

Chateaux has been designed with a mica effect finish to replicate natural limestone as closely as possible.

Masai Piedra Natural 1

Masai 10mm

Designed to perfectly simulate sedimentary rock, Masai details the fragments of different materials and minerals with the beauty of the tiny pebbles trapped in the rock. Porcelain stoneware technology allows for the effects to be perfectly reproduced over large format slabs in a minimal

Nanocorten Titanium 2


Industrial chic never looked this good.

The latest technology in porcelain manufacturing allows us to bring this beautiful range of distressed metallic tiles in a super thin 5mm thickness with a matching scale effect mosaic.

Next Dark Honed


A collection of porcelain tiles offering a luxurious and contemporary engineered stone effect. The decorative features are presented in three contemporary textures; Line, Dot and Mark which can be combined with the natural or honed finishes of the base tile to create flowing,

Quicksilver Rust Barbers

Quicksilver Rust

A Bohemian chic, metal effect glazed porcelain tile range in line with current trends for practical industrial finishes.

The distressed metallic effect offers a look of strength and character.

Quicksilver Steel Lozenge Shower

Quicksilver Steel

A Bohemian chic, metal effect glazed porcelain tile range in line with current trends for practical industrial finishes.

The distressed metallic effect offers a look of strength and character.

Amb Greendark Hd


A distressed industrial chic finish for a contemporary setting.

Glazed porcelain tiles suitable for use on walls and floors.

This range is suitable for use in medium to high foot traffic areas, from residential to restaurants.



Pietre/3 is the direct result of a study with great attention to detail and a creative path that stays far from fads. The value of the essential lies at the origin of its marked elegance that withstands the passing of time. Stone sublimates an idea of simple elegance, so the elements find their own

Ar Tks Tobacco Amb1 N Living

Teknostone 6mm Slabs

Minimal but complex, classical but contemporary - Teknostone is the right answer for every style and design need. A universal stone look porcelain tile.

Ar Umt Brown Zinc Amb1 Reception

Ultra Metal

Brilliant, sophisticated and incisive, this is how the Ultra Metal collection looks. It embellishes the world of big slabs with a new aesthetic power, inspired by the properties of metal.

Ar Up Basaltina White Amb1 So Camera

Ultra Pietre Basaltina

Thanks to the beautiful natural shades and colours in our Basaltina range they are suitable for use in any setting from traditional residential to a modern commercial or retail setting.  The thickness makes it perfect for fabricating furniture and sinks.

4 Jungle Beige Wc Amb03 V1 Mg


A beautifully diverse and realistic rectified porcelain wood effect tile.  Unlike most other wood look tiles Forest is specifically designed for a worn, industrial contemporary look.